Setting Up User Permissions for an Inspection Template

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Access to an inspection template is based on permissions defined. The inspection template can be made available to all users or only to specified users on the project. Three levels of access can be assigned to a user or a role, as follows:

Access – allows users full access to existing inspections based on this template as well as issues, created during the inspections conducted. If a user has Full Access permission for Inspections Management (based on their User Role), the user can create new inspections with the Access permission for the template.
Complete – allows users to complete an inspection that is based on this template
Notify on create – allows selected user, User Role, or all users who have permissions for the project to receive email notification every time a new inspection based on this template is created or requested (for request-based inspections)
NOTE: The application automatically populates selected users on the Inspection Completion interface so that users who are notified about creation of an inspection are also notified about completion of the inspection. The user who completes the inspection can override the selection if required.

To set up permissions for an inspection template:

1.Open the inspection template for which you want to specify access permissions, and click the Permissions tab and edit the User-Level Permissions.
2.To provide access to all users assigned to the project, click the Access, Complete, and Notify on create/complete checkbox(e)s in the row for Everyone. The remaining checkboxes in the column are disabled if Everyone is selected.
3.To limit access to a User or Role; click the Access, Complete, and Notify on create/complete checkbox(es) in the row for the User or Role(s).
4.Click the Save Changes button.

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