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Synchronization allows the information captured on field devices to be uploaded to the Server and information on the Server to be downloaded to a field device. LATISTA recommends synchronizing field devices at least twice a day; before starting work and after work is complete.

Information related to the same area, item, inspection, or issue can be updated by multiple users using multiple field devices and by users on the Server. The application uses a set of rules to organize updates to data so that changes are not lost. However, some updates can conflict with each other and cannot be merged. In this case, the update made last is used for synchronization. Below is the list of data conflict resolution cases for most important LATISTA objects.

Issues - Fields that are stored in separate data records and will be merged on the Issue Details page.
PDF Forms for Inspections and Commissioning - Each field and each markup is stored in a separate record to allow multiple users to populate one form and merge all the data in one final form.

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