Using Report Favorites

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After filtering the report to display a specific view of the performance metric, a user can create a favorite in order to return to that view.

Personal favorites can only be access by the user who created the favorite
Project favorites can be created for project reports and are created for a specific project.  Project favorites are accessible to any project team members who have permission access project favorites.
Company favorites can be created for company reports for any enterprise customer.  Company favorites are accessible to any team member who have permission to access company favorites.


To create a favorite:

1.From the standard reports page, click on the report name to generate the report.
2.Set the filters on the report to the specific view that you want to bookmark.
3.Click on Create My Favorite to create a personal favorite, Create Project Favorite to create a project favorite for a project report or Create Company Favorite to create a company favorite for a company report.
4.Enter a name for the favorite and click Save.


To use a favorite:

1.When you initially navigate to the standard reports page, the list of available bookmarks will be displayed.   Note that bookmarks for project reports are created for a specific project therefore the list of bookmarks will differ depending on which project is selected on the Main Menu bar.
2.Click on the name of the favorite to generate the report view.
3.To rename the favorite, click the Rename button
4.To delete the favorite, click the Delete button.
5.To access the list of bookmarks to generate a different view, click on Favorites under Controls from the side panel.  


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