Viewing and Editing the Items-Locations Matrix

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The Items-Location Matrix displays the items assigned to specific locations for each area type. Assigning an item to a location includes the item on inspections. The Items-Locations Matrix allows the Project Manager to quickly include or exclude items and sub-items from an area type.  Areas that are not assigned an area type are not included on the Items-Location Matrix. The Items-Location Matrix lists the items defined for the area type in a hierarchical tree on the left and the locations defined for the area type across the top of the matrix. The checkboxes specify:

Checked – the item and all sub-items are not assigned to the location

Unchecked - the item and sub-items are not assigned to the location

Grey – the item has some sub-items that are assigned to the location and some sub-items that are not assigned to the location

To view the Items-Locations Matrix:

1.From the Main Menu click Setup and from the submenu, click Projects. The Projects Setup Director page opens.
2.In the Projects and Project-related Data section, click the Items-Location Matrix link. The Location Matrices page opens.
3.From the Project drop-down list, select the project for which you want to view the Items-Locations Matrix.
4.From the Area Type drop-down list, select the area type for which you want to view the items assigned to the area type.
5.Click the Show button. The Items-Locations Matrix opens and displays items and sub-items assigned to the area type as follows:

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