Viewing and Updating Item Details from the Commissioning Summary

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The Item Details page can be accessed from the Commissioning Summary for each item scheduled for Commissioning.

To view and update the Item Details page:

1.From the Commissioning Summary, select the item for which you want to view the Item Details. The Item Details page opens.
2.Edit the label for the item in the Description data field.
3.To assign a vendor, click the not selected link in the Responsible Party data field, and select the vendor from the Show Company dialog-box.
4.From the Specialty drop-down list, select the related work specialty.
5.From the Attribute drop-down list, select the appropriate identifier for the item.
6.Enter data in the ID/Tag, Part Number, and Extended Description data fields as appropriate.
7.Enter or edit labels in the Custom Fields section to define a standard set of data fields for the item.
8.Enter or edit information in the External Systems data field related to the source system for items imported.
9.Click the Save Changes button.

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