Viewing Companies and Contacts

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To view companies and contacts:

1.From the Main Menu, click Setup and from the sub-menu, click Project. The Projects Setup Director page opens.
2.In the Projects and Project-related Data section, click the Company Management link. The List of Companies page opens.
3.To search Companies, click the Expand icon for the Filter. The Search criteria display.
4.From the Projects drop-down list, select a project to list Companies assigned to the project.
Note: To view all Companies defined in the application, select All Projects.
5.Enter the full or partial name of a specific Company in the Company name data field to search for a specific Company.
6.Click the Search button. Companies that meet the search criteria display.
7.To view contacts assigned to the company, click the company name. The Company Detail page opens and lists all contacts for the company in the Company Contacts section.

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