Viewing Data Modification Audit

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The application tracks all important events and records them in an audit file. Events are tracked include:

E-mails sent
Editing inspection templates (including activation)
Deleting companies and company contacts
Editing dispatch rules
Deleting areas
Deleting inspections
Managing the E-mail queue
Archiving projects
Updating projects
Editing roles
Sending work orders
Editing Company
BIM Model Import
Commissioning Schedule, Steps and Forms editing

System Administrators or any user with full access to the Audit permission can view the list of these events.

To view events recorded in the Audit Log:

1.In the header click Setup sproket and then from the drop-down select Application. The Application Setup Directory page opens.
2.In the Security Settings section, click the Data Modification Audit link. The Audit Records page opens and displays events logged, date executed, and the user who performed the action.

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