Viewing the Commissioning Summary

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The Commissioning Summary lists each component and color codes the commissioning steps to identify the status for each item and the date the status was updated.

To view and search the Commissioning Summary:

1.From the Main Menu, click Cx. The Commissioning Summary page opens and displays the color codes assigned to indicate status.
2.To display specific Commissioning steps for specific commissioning steps and statuses, click the Expand icon for the Filter and click the checkbox(es) for the Steps you want to view. To view all statuses, click the checkbox(es) in the Steps row to automatically select all checkboxes for the step. Click the Apply button. The Commissioning Summary updates.
3.To customize the information presented on the Commissioning Summary, click the Expand icon for the View. In the Show Columns section, click the checkboxes) for the information you want to view. In the Steps section, click the checkbox(es) for the commissioning steps for which you want to view information. Click the Apply button. The Commissioning Summary updates.
4.To save the Filter and View settings selected, click the Expand icon for Favorites and click the Save Current View button. Enter a label for the displayed view in the Select Name dialog-box and click the OK button. The view settings are saved and can be selected subsequently from Favorites.
5.To select the dates associated with the Commissioning Schedule that display, from the Show Dates drop-down list, select the date you want to display.
6.To search for an item using the Item Master Description, enter the description in the Search data field, and click the Search button. The item displays.

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