Viewing the E-mail Queue

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All e-mail sent from the application are sent immediately or staged in the E-mail Queue. If messages are sent directly, error messages (which could not be sent) are stored in the E-mail Queue. The E-mail Queue lists outgoing e-mails and faxes awaiting approval for sending. The E-mail Queue items can be sorted by date, recipient's e-mail or fax, and description.

The E-mail Queue allows user(s) with appropriate access permission to determine which items will be sent. All items in the E-mail Queue can be sent or specific items can be selected and sent. Items can also be deleted from the E-mail Queue.

Before emailing an item, the application verifies the receiving server availability. If a server does not respond, the message is stored in the E-mail Queue and is not sent until the receiving server can be verified. An e-mail sent in response to a request for a new password through the Forgot Password feature is not held in the E-mail Queue. If the receiving server for the password e-mail is not available, the e-mail is deleted and another e-mail is sent asking the user to perform the request again.

To view the E-mail Queue:

1.From the Main Menu click Setup and from the sub-menu, click Application. The Application Setup Directory page opens.
2.In the E-mail Related section, click the E-mail Queue link. The Queue page opens.
3.From the Select Queue Mode drop-down list, select Queue all e-mail messages to view all items or select Queue on error only to view only e-mails unable to be sent.

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