Welcome to Oracle LATISTA Field Management Cloud Service


Welcome to Oracle LATISTA Field Management Cloud Service

Oracle LATISTA Field Management Cloud Service (or just "LATISTA") is a cloud, multi-tenant application with mobile components that provides contractors with state-of-the-art capabilities for quality management, commissioning, safety and field operations. LATISTA provides specific modules for:

Quality   Assurance   and   Quality   Control   (QA/QC)   - Schedule, manage and digitally complete quality control inspections, automatically notify responsible parties and track issues to resolution, and report on project status and key quality control metrics
Punch List - Punch rooms quickly using standard issue templates.  Mark up and attach drawings and photos to issues.  Assign responsible  parties and automatically dispatch work orders to resolve issues.
Safety  -  Proactively record and track safety infractions across all projects to ensure a safe working environment for all team members.  Attach photos for a comprehensive audit trail.
Commissioning (CX)  -  Comprehensive  solution  to setup, schedule, conduct and track all steps involved in the most sophisticated commissioning process assuring that all systems and components are installed, tested, and operated according to installation and operational requirements.
Production  -  Manage  and  track  various construction activities (uses issue management interface for that).
Files and Documents - Complete document management solution providing web and mobile storage,   search,   viewing and   markup   of   project documents   including electronic drawings and plans; version control; access control via user permissions.  

LATISTA enhances project team communications and collaboration, automates project workflows, enables electronic document management and monitor the progress of work performed in the field.  LATISTA provides field users with the ability to conduct inspections, view documents, and manage issues using either a Windows Tablet or an Apple iPad. A synchronization feature automatically downloads documents and data from the LATISTA server to field devices and allows field users to upload documents and data from field devices back to the central repository on the LATISTA server.

LATISTA streamlines quality management process, facilitates inspections on a jobsite, improves quality and efficiency of inspections and improves reliability of inspections data.


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